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Support higher-performing and global wide area network connectivity

These days, your employees can work from virtually anywhere. Whether they’re in a different country, a home office, visiting a customer site or in transit—you need to provide them with access to the applications and data they need to do business. And for that, you need reliable, high-performing wide area network (WAN) connectivity.

IBM Network Connectivity Managed Services is designed to help build and proactively manage your WAN. We have optional features such as application optimization, remote access (mobile or otherwise). IBM can also providing monitoring and management of local area network (LAN) equipment.

IBM Network Connectivity Managed Services features

Our solution is designed to facilitate a higher-performing, more available global network. We help:

Why IBM?

As one of the world’s largest IT service providers and a recognized networking leader, we are well-equipped to manage networks, including devices from a variety of vendors. Our solution draws on the capabilities of more than a hundred carriers to provide a more resilient infrastructure for cost-efficient Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) private network and Internet broadband connectivity. Our professionals bring decades of experience designing, deploying and managing networks. We can also provide more flexible options that are designed to meet your unique needs and budget.


IBM Network Connectivity Managed Services