Networking Services

We ensure efficient connections to improve network agility, reduce cost, and reduce complexity.

An experienced partner, IBM provides both unbiased guidance and unprecedented knowledge on networking across industries. We utilize a lifecycle approach which includes: strategy, assessment, planning, design, implementation, and management to transform your networks with innovative software defined technologies, analytics and automation for your hybrid cloud environments.


Fast network equipment deployment


Lower IT infrastructure costs


Faster application deployment


More efficient IT staff network operations


Less network related unplanned downtime

Services we offer

Managed Network Services

Gain the ability to simplify and automate network management to enhance availability and better manage costs

Software Defined Networking

Build agile, secure and automated network connections with software defined networks

NextGen Campus Networks

Provide seamless connectivity and run bandwidth-intensive applications for superior user experience

Network Integration Services

Transform your networking environment for improved availability, reliability, performance and security

Network Consulting Services

Build an agile and integrated network to improve performance and availability of critical business applications.

Intelligent Utility Network Communication Services

Power your grid with a security-rich communications network solution designed for enhanced flexibility and reliability

Cloud Networking

Enable and optimize your networks before you move to a cloud environment

Networking for Communication Service Providers

Blend multiple transport, access and network services coupled with dynamic customer information and real-time network events, to deliver new individual-based services and content.


Redefining the Network for Cloud, Analytics, Mobile and Social

Learn how IBM is helping organizations transform their network infrastructure

Business Value of Networking Services

The latest IDC research showing how companies are achieving significant value from their investment in IBM Networking Services

Business Value of Networking Services

Learn how you can transform your network for greater agility.

Business Value of Networking Services

IDC found that companies are achieving significant value through their investment in IBM Networking Services

IBM Networking Services - Strong Need, High Value

Client Innovation Center

Test, integrate and experience new network technologies


Sandeep Dhingra

Sandeep Dhingra

Global Partner - Network Consulting Services

John Hollingsworth

John Hollingsworth

Distinguished Engineer - Director Integrated Communications & Networking

Gopal Soora

Gopal Soora

Global Portfolio Executive, GTS Networking Services

Pat Corcoran

Global Business Development Executive

For the last 26 out of my 38 years with IBM, I have been part of IBM Resiliency Services organization, helping IBM and our Clients think and deal with risks, crisis management, business continuity, business resiliency and security. Currently I'm a Global Business Development Executive, helping Clients understand the need for business resiliency, contiuity, recovery, etc. ... helping to elevate the discussion of risk & resiliency within their companies, and then helping them create global business resiliency solutions. I've had the honor of supporting or leading great teams of IBMers during crisis events in support of our Clients, and I travel around the globe sharing lessons learned with customers to demonstrate IBM's credibility and experience, and why IBM is the best supplier to partner with when it comes to "resiliency and risk"! It's a people job ... I help individuals keep their jobs because we help companies maintain continuous business operations and grow! A great job!

Daniel Witteveen, Director, Cloud Managed Backup & Data Virtualization

"Data is the new Natural Resource", with this in mind my focus and passion is on how we protect and virtualize our clients data to provide multiple use cases with out the explosive cost of storage The two primary focus areas of expertise that I bring is on our Cloud Based Managed Backup Solution, and Data Virtualization solution. Allowing our clients to backup/replicate data in a cloud based model or another premises, and use that protected data for multiple use cases, like recovery, Dev/Test, Analytics, backup. No longer should replicated or copy data sit idle waiting for a recovery. No longer should you have to have 5 copies of production data to handle each use case.

Scott Ramsey

Managing Partner, IBM Resiliency Consulting

Mr. Ramsey is an IBM Executive and the Managing Partner of IBM’s Global Resiliency Consulting Practice, providing guidance and direction for the firm’s resiliency services. He works across the globe with senior executive business and IT management, to define and implement sustainable strategies for IT resilience, risk mitigation and governance.

Jitendra Nandwani, Networking Project Executive

After a series of various on field and leadership roles, I joined the GTS Global Networking Services team managing a large and strategic Services Sales Unit for IBM Corp. The 12 years at IBM have been packed with some large achievements, astounding learning and fast growth both professionally and personally.
Joined IBM as an Account Manager rose through the ranks and roles to Country Manager – Enterprise Services Sales (ISA) and now further to Global Sales Leader – Networking Services based in Dallas USA. Having an exposure to Growth markets in Asia and developed markets provides an edge that is unique and feeds my hunger to explore the new.

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