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Outsource the management of your networks, taking advantage of our skilled networking professionals

IBM Network Outsourcing Services provides a managed and integrated network solution for businesses that do not want to own or run their network or network resources. With a fully-managed network, companies can use skilled networking professionals, leverage emerging network technologies and transfer their technology risk, while focusing on their core business.

Together with our strategic partners, we can quickly deliver a range of managed network solutions - from IP convergence, enhanced security and virtual private networks (VPNs), to distributed, edge-of-network server and storage computing environments and other next-generation network applications. Our consultative approach to life cycle management helps align the network strategy with business and IT objectives. Flexible contracts and periodic assessment allow us to adapt the network to meet the changing needs of customers.

IBM Network Outsourcing Services also provides high quality integration, project and vendor management, and ongoing operational support in all of our world-class solutions.

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