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Realize more from your IT with improved service management implementation

While service management implementation can help reduce costs and improve service quality, it requires specialized skills and experience that many businesses lack. IBM Service Management Implementation Services - service management implementation helps you design, build and deploy a flexible service management implementation solution that can help you realize more value from your IT investments.



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Smart ways to save money

Streamline your IT processes to become more effective and efficient within your IT organization. Strengthen your IT governance for better oversight and accountability. Introduce or fine-tune the automation of the service management processes with service management software. Reduce costs by up to 30 percent, with nearly 40 percent of organizations achieving payback in year one. Want to know more? Chat with us now or learn about additional services that can help you save.

To keep up with changing business needs and maintain resiliency, your business is striving to improve its service management capabilities. Faced with a need to move beyond managing individual IT resources, you must enhance service quality, reduce cost and increase IT value to the business. To gain greater visibility and control over the delivery of IT services, you need to be able to collect, analyze and take appropriate action on key infrastructure operational data. However, your organization might lack the resources and expertise to smoothly implement a complete IT service management solution that is integrated with best practices and event management and monitoring capabilities. And you simply cannot afford delays or cost overruns from trial-and-error project experimentation.

IBM Service Management Implementation Services - service management implementation can help you design, build, pilot and plan the deployment of a robust, flexible service management solution tailored to your requirements. We also offer prepackaged accelerators that provide predefined processes, roles and responsibilities for more rapid installation and deployment of a production-ready IT service management solution. Our offerings are based on IBM best practices as well as proven methodology, tools and intellectual capital built from many cross-industry, global IT service management projects. We can help you more efficiently implement service management solutions with reduced risk-so you can extract more value from your IT investment while supporting business requirements. And with a proactive event management solution that provides real-time, actionable information about your IT infrastructure to help improve performance and service levels, you gain a comprehensive solution that lets you realize more value from your IT investments, including service-oriented architecture (SOA) and virtualization.

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