Network managed services

Experience the potential time and cost savings of
near-end-to-end management of your networks and
business communications

IBM can provide single-source solutions to help build, monitor, manage and support enterprise networks and unified communications. By employing a single point of contact for highly skilled and certified staff—as well as more resilient infrastructure and cutting-edge technology—we can help reduce complexity and enable optimal performance.

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Accomplishing more with fewer resources, equipment, staff and expenditures is simply more efficient, cost-effective business. That is why IT departments are increasingly turning to managed network service providers for the day-to-day management of their networks.

But the extent to which you can realize the benefits of increased efficiencies and reduced risks and costs may depend on just who you hire to manage your network.

Our solutions are designed to be flexible and budget-friendly. And by choosing IBM, you can leverage our track record of innovation, decades of networking experience, multivendor expertise and industry-leading process disciplines to:

What we offer

Network Connectivity Managed Services

Network Connectivity Managed Services

Support higher performing and global wide area network connectivity.

IBM Communication and Collaboration Managed Services

IBM Communication and Collaboration Managed Services

Monitoring & Management of your communication & collaboration infrastructure including IP telephony, unified messaging and collaborative video communications.


Network Infrastructure Managed Services

Ensure your networks are aligned with business strategy and optimized to support operational excellence

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