Managed data vault

Mitigate data loss risk through more rapid private cloud backup and recovery


Maintaining productivity requires a solid, scalable backup and recovery strategy to alleviate the risk of data loss. Yet few solutions offer the security, speed and flexibility required by today's high transactional data volumes and sensitivity.

IBM Information Protection Services Managed Data Vault can offer a security-rich, end-to-end private network solution and best-of-breed data vault operations. Combining Verizon's private high-performance network with IBM's cloud-based backup and recovery services, Managed Data Vault can help you quickly back up, retrieve, recover and restore access to your critical transactional data and email. IBM and Verizon offer flexible service options for transport, media, retention schedules, off-site storage, and backup methods to help meet your specific requirements. And usage-based services can enable affordable growth to meet changing requirements-without requiring additional capital expenses.



Designed to be comprehensive and cost-effective, our services can help you:

Service detail

Service details

Together, IBM and Verizon deliver years of experience and industry-leading capabilities to help efficiently support your critical data better than traditional approaches. As a global technology and services provider, IBM brings expertise and an unparalleled record of helping protect and recover clients' data. As a leading global communications, IT and network provider, Verizon has continuous visibility into its wholly-owned network and can monitor traffic and control capacity utilization for exceptional network performance.

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