Machine code upgrade option for storage products

Helps keep covered storage products at the current machine code level at your request

Like many companies, you may be faced with an increased dependency on your IT infrastructure and require it to be highly available. You need to upgrade your system storage machine code to avoid downtime but lack the resource availability and technology.

IBM offers the machine code upgrade option to enable you to simplify your contract administration and improve overall system performance with up-to-date machine code levels delivered at your request. This solution provides a price-competitive solution that helps you better control your support costs.



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Keep your system storage products at the current machine code level

It can be challenging to keep up with increasing business dependency on your IT infrastructure. Like most companies, you are faced with the need for reliable system performance. Ideally, you want to keep your system up to date, but you may lack the resources to fully develop and maintain in-house support for machine code upgrades.

IBM Hardware Maintenance Services - maintenance enhancement - machine code upgrade option can simplify the update process for your system storage products. This maintenance option enables you to request IBM to install machine code upgrades during contract coverage-so you can keep your infrastructure current and therefore more reliable. To help you better control support costs, our solution offers competitive pricing and a simple purchase option. You can plan your system upgrades and gain the benefit of a single point of contact through IBM skilled resources.

IBM delivers a solution that can help you better control costs and allow your existing staff to focus on other priorities.

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