Logistics business transformation outsourcing

Consider the logistics outsourcing provider business model for greater scope and deeper integration

The logistics outsourcing provider business model is evolving to offer greater scope and deeper integration. Currently, logistics outsourcing models include: transport, warehousing, customs brokering; third party logistics providers (3PL's) and freight forwarders; lead logistics providers; and supply chain integrators. Each type of model has different attributes with regards to client relationships and pricing arrangements. IBM's approach to logistics outsourcing is to deliver improved business results through continuous strategic change and the transformation/operation of a client's business measured against C-level executive business outcomes.

IBM goes beyond just addressing a client's pain points in the short term and demonstrates sustained value and innovation over the strategic horizon. IBM's Logistics Business Transformation Outsourcing solutions address the challenges experienced by clients in the logistics space:

Financial Pressures



Service detail

Service details

Multiple Logistics Providers in a Global Network

Flexibility, Reliability, & Responsiveness

Global Expansion

Our Logistics Business Transformation offering is built on the success and innovation of IBM's own Global Logistics operations. IBM's Global Logistics Network is secure, robust, scalable and reliable. It has delivered a proven track record of on time performance and availability. Because IBM's logistics infrastructure is scalable and has "plug & play" supplier capability, we can easily and quickly extend our solution for clients.

There are the four service areas in the IBM Logistics Business Transformation Outsourcing offering framework:

(1) Logistics Strategy, Network Design and Development

(2) Logistics Services Procurement

(3) Logistics Operations Management

(4) Logistics Global Trade Management

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