IT governance consulting

Improve IT decision making by adopting governance best practices

To remain competitive, you need a flexible and responsive IT environment that enables you to respond to today's changing markets. Effective IT governance helps you align IT with your business needs. IBM IT Management Consulting Services - IT governance consulting leverages IBM's intellectual capital and experience in business and IT services along with industry best practices to help you establish IT governance that can improve your IT efficiency, effectiveness and responsiveness as well as control over your IT operations.



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Service details

Adopting governance best practices to drive improved decision making

To invest in IT services and architectures that can add value to your business, your IT must be in sync with your business - serving your business needs. You need to clearly define roles, accountabilities and measurements for success to ensure that your IT organization is flexible and agile enough to rapidly adapt to business changes.

IBM IT Management Consulting Services - IT governance consulting helps you integrate governance best practices to align IT with your business goals and help ensure resources are responsibly allocated. We help you leverage best practices and proven methods to define clear decision-making structures with management controls that drive IT performance improvements, allowing faster time-to-market for the business and use of IT as a competitive business enabler. Our workshop-based approach facilitates discussions among your key decision makers, helping to improve the understanding of governance capabilities in your environment. This can lead to quicker adoption of governance best practices.

Our services focus on key disciplines of governance, including:

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