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Access innovative solutions to support your industry-unique goals and facilitate customer growth, retention and satisfaction.

In today's IT-driven business environment, a world-class network infrastructure is vital to the operations of nearly every business. But in industries such as energy and telecommunications, networks are not just critical to your business—they are your business. And they require tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.

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With over 100 years of experience building and supporting clients’ business systems across numerous industries, IBM can provide extensive expertise in strategizing, designing, deploying and optimizing your industry-unique network infrastructure.

Backed by nearly a decade of experience implementing next-generation network infrastructure solutions, we can help telecommunications companies improve competitiveness, enhance customer satisfaction and increase revenue. We offer robust solutions to help you build and implement a carrier-grade, next-generation IP network infrastructure—and the solutions that can deliver premium video, voice and data services. We can also implement an advanced service-monitoring infrastructure solution to help identify operational inefficiencies and improve service quality.

For electric utility providers, we can help you enable a smart grid for improved operational efficiency—through our end-to-end strategy, assessment, design, deployment and project management services.

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Smart grid network communications services

Implement a communications network to support smart grid operations


Communications Service Provider Network Infrastructure Services

Unlock new revenue potential and cost efficiency with smarter network

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