Implementation Services for System x - ServicePac for VMware Infrastructure proof of concept

Obtain hands-on server virtualization education in your own environment

Many forward-thinking organizations are moving toward server virtualization to reduce costs, improve service levels and create a more resilient IT infrastructure, but lack adequate real-world experience to create an effective solution. IBM Implementation Services for System x™ - ServicePac® for VMware Infrastructure proof of concept provides hands-on education in your own environment, so you can more fully understand the advantages and challenges of virtualization while minimizing risk.



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Service details

Helping you evaluate the benefits of server virtualization for your enterprise

To thrive in a challenging marketplace, many organizations recognize that the IT infrastructure must be optimized to maximize resource utilization, enhance resiliency and reduce management costs. The legacy "one-server-per-application" approach is increasingly expensive and inefficient for most organizations. By enabling you to consolidate, view, and flexibly manage your computing resources-without being restricted by physical implementation, location or external packaging-virtualization can help you achieve your goals.

While its benefits are compelling, seasoned IT professionals know that transitioning to a virtualized solution can be complex and costly, requiring new tools, skills and expertise. By providing critical knowledge transfer onsite, IBM Implementation Services for System x™ - ServicePac® for VMware Infrastructure proof of concept helps you learn to quickly implement, monitor and modify a small-scale server virtualization solution in your own environment. Five days of onsite customized training sessions and hands-on workshops provide you with training on key virtualization concepts and essential VMware Infrastructure products-all while helping you to prioritize capabilities for your environment.

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