Implementation Services for System x - ServicePac for IBM Systems Director

Simplify data center component management for enhanced availability and reduced costs

Without an effective implementation of a resource administration solution, your IBM System x® server environment can risk operational inefficiency, poor availability and ineffective utilization. The IBM ServicePac® for IBM Systems Director provides quick and efficient installation and configuration of the IBM Systems Director management application, along with key resource administration capabilities to promote greater availability, efficiency and utilization of your server environment resources.



Service detail

Service details

Providing efficient and professional implementation of a superior resource administration capability

Monitoring and managing the growing complexity of data center components can be expensive and time consuming. But you can't afford the consequences of inefficient management-including potential downtime and poorly utilized resources within your IBM System x® server environment. You need to simplify systems management without putting additional burdens on your budget and staff.

IBM Implementation Services for System x - ServicePac® for IBM Systems Director provides quick and efficient, installation and configuration of near-real-time monitoring and management capabilities, and key features available through IBM Systems Director. An integrated, cross-platform management tool, Systems Director can help enhance availability and efficiency while driving savings across your organization. A central, easy-to-use overview interface can give you greater visibility into utilization of your physical and virtual resources, enabling you to better manage power usage and expenses. Systems Director enables seamless integration of IBM systems with the total infrastructure, as well as with enterprise systems management solutions, such as IBM Tivoli® software.

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