Implementation services for IBM PowerHA SystemMirror

Help limit business disruption with a high-availability solution

You may want to implement IBM® PowerHA® SystemMirror® Enterprise Edition to help prevent total site failure during outages across two geographically separated sites. Learn how IBM specialists can enable a more streamlined implementation of a PowerHA SystemMirror Enterprise Edition cluster.



Service detail

Service details

As your business continues to grow and expand across geographic locations, you may want to implement IBM PowerHA SystemMirror Enterprise Edition to help protect data and applications from costly site-wide failures.

IBM Implementation Services for Power Systems™ – PowerHA SystemMirror Enterprise Edition provides server specialists to help plan for, implement, configure and test a PowerHA SystemMirror Enterprise Edition cluster with SAN Volume Controller (SVC) storage replication. The enterprise edition helps protect your data and applications from total site failure during outages by remote mirroring across two geographic sites separated by virtually unlimited distances.

Our service helps:

We use time-tested methodologies and strong project management disciplines to help deliver a more efficient implementation of PowerHA SystemMirror Enterprise Edition.