Global Services Customer Solution Center Network

Customer Solution Centers can help you control costs and meet project deadlines when planning and implementing in-house, multi-site workstation rollouts and refreshes for geographically diverse locations.

Planning and implementing in-house, multisite workstation rollouts and refreshes can be challenging --especially when geographically diverse locations are involved. Without a single point of responsibility, prudent resource management, careful planning and an experienced team, your project deadlines can spin out of control -- wasting valuable time and resources. Further, costs related to setting up, integrating, testing and eventually delivering a multisite workstation rollout can be excessive --not to mention unpredictable.



Service detail

Service details

The IBM Global Services Customer Solution Center Network can help --providing you with one vendor to manage your large-scale or small-scale integration and redistribution services needs. By relying on a single source to receive, store, integrate and ship your rollout assets, you can have confidence that your timeline will be followed, thereby helping you stay within budget and adhere to critical deadlines.

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