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IBM GIAS 3.4 Released to Sponsors

We are pleased to announce the availability of the IBM GIAS 3.4 release. This release contains the remaining group business capabilities. The release marks the completion of a major milestone for the GIAS platform and for our sponsor clients. Release of version 3.4 includes important business functionality for Agency and Commissions, additional claim editing logic and Policy Issue/Direct Marketing capabilities.

The release was certified for the IBM i operating system as well as for Windows/Intel on the latest version of WebSphere and the business rules engine, IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM). The release is now available to client sponsors from the Genelco FTP site including installation documentation and updated prerequisite software requirements.

As Sponsor clients test the system during their implementation efforts, issues will be reported through a special form on the Call Center IBM GIAS product page.

Sponsor clients will be working with their respective project manager regarding implementation processes, installation support, consulting and training requirements.

Announcing New User Conference Location

Mark September 22-25, 2013 as the dates for the 17th Genelco User Conference. We are also excited to announce that the conference will be held at the JW Marriott Atlanta Buckhead hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. More information regarding conference fees and travel arrangements will be provided in future communications and on the conference Web site on

System i Benchmarking in Full Swing for Group Processing on IBM GIAS

We are benchmarking the new 3.4 version of IBM GIAS for group processing on the IBM System i just as we did the release of IBM GIAS for individual processing.

Kalista Savage, Business Services Manager, is heading up the benchmark effort for the new group processing version of IBM GIAS for up to 1,000 concurrent users. The benchmark project includes specific processing metrics. The result of the effort will be a hardware sizing guide and a technical white paper outlining the metrics, test data used, policy types processed and test scripts used. The sizing guide and white paper will be available to prospects who are seriously considering IBM GIAS for their group policy administration needs.

3rd QuickStart Training Popular

The last QuickStart Training for GIAS Sponsors kicked off in February with 10 individuals (representing four companies) in attendance in its Implementation Planning and Introduction to GIAS class.

This is the third wave of training offered to the Sponsors. Public training classes will begin later in the year. An announcement of training dates and class content will be provided at the end of June 2013.

Special Support for IBM GIAS V 3.4 Initiated

The newest release of IBM GIAS for group processing will receive special treatment for any logs submitted. This important development version of the system will have all logs reviewed by the QA team and the Business Analysts that were intimately involved with its development.

"Sponsor clients will enter a problem log through a special form on the Call Center IBM GIAS product page for any issues with Version 3.4," explained Kalista Savage, Business Services Manager, "Our Call Center staff will log the issue and then turn it over to the Development QA team for review and assignment. After the issue is reviewed by the Development team, the resolution will be reported back to the client.

"The Development QA team will be supporting these issues as they are not live, production base system issues and will be managed separately from the Call Center staff activity; however, we wanted to provide Sponsor clients with a familiar and convenient method for reporting issues."

At a later date, an announcement will be made to clients once normal Call Center support for the group processing version of IBM GIAS is provided. Meanwhile, a Sponsor client will use its company logon ID and password that were provided for accessing the Genelco Group+ product page to access the IBM GIAS product page on the Call Center site at (link resides outside of . Sponsor clients may also submit questions or issues online at or call the Helpdesk line at 800-948-2040, option #2.

The Call Center logons issued for the special IBM GIAS Sponsor Web site will not provide access to the IBM GIAS product page. These logons were issued for exclusive access to development status updates.

If you have issues with your logon ID and password, please email Tonie Soutier at for assistance.

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