Fastlane methodology

A proven toolkit and project methodology which helps accelerate implementation of new solutions and reliable system upgrades.

IBM has developed the FastLane methodology, a proven toolkit and project methodology designed to accelerate implemention of new solutions and rapid and reliable system upgrades. Our implementation experts design your systems to help optimize application management and help ensure high data integrity.



Service detail

Service details

The methodology lays the foundation for a high-quality, end-to-end system that can accommodate application customizations to meet your business requirements.

Fastlane includes several integral elements:

FastLane follows a pre-configured roadmap of tasks and milestones to deploy projects:

Fastlane Methodology - Diagram

Systems integrators who are working with our clients can leverage FastLane. In this situation, FastLane is used as an interface between IBM and the system integrator help to streamline the communication and clearly define roles and responsibilities throughout the implementation or upgrade phase.

IBM employs an extensive knowledge base along with a host of proprietary tools and methodologies - such as FastLane - to verify that services are designed to be delivered in less time than industry standard practices. FastLane is specifically designed to help your organization respond quickly to the changing requirements of your user base by helping reduce the total time for implementation up to 50% when compared to traditional methods.

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