Express multi-function security bundle

Enable security-rich, cost-efficient protection against multiple security threats from a single device

Today's business environment demands superior network protection while maintaining business continuity and regulatory compliance. IBM Threat Mitigation Services - network protection - Express™ multi-function security bundle is designed to help you enjoy robust, preemptive network protection by offering six leading security modules within a single, multilayered system, including online education and one year of licensing and maintenance-all at an affordable price.



Service detail

Service details

Empowering your company with a comprehensive network security solution

With an increasingly complex IT and regulatory environment, many organizations recognize the need for greater network security but struggle to efficiently manage multiple security components, which can range from antivirus software and complex firewall solutions to intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and anti-spam applications. Acquiring, installing and maintaining these separate technologies to help provide network security and maintain your regulatory compliance can quickly drain budgets and strain already stretched resources. To ease IT administrative burdens and reduce expenses, forward-thinking organizations are moving beyond the traditional, patchwork approach to adopt a single, comprehensive network security solution.

The Proventia® Network Multi-Function Security (Proventia MFS) product, IBM Threat Mitigation Services - network protection - Express™ multi-function security bundle is designed to help you protect your network against a variety of threats. Composed of six security modules packaged as one, this security-rich solution allows you to integrate multiple technologies, which may help you streamline your regulatory compliance efforts. With a single device to help reduce the number of interfaces to maintain and monitor, you may be able to manage your network security more easily and achieve improved cost efficiencies while simultaneously helping you provide preemptive protection for your distributed network.

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