Enterprise mobility solutions

The cost of an ineffective mobile strategy can be huge; the cost for IBM's Mobile Maturity Assessment is not.


IBM has a new assessment that can help you quickly and inexpensively assess your current IT strategy for mobile, determine gaps and provide you with the roadmap to support your business goals and an optimized enterprise mobility solution. It's fast and inexpensive and provides insights to address your specific mobile challenges and business objectives.  With the growth of mobile devices and apps exploding in the workplace, you can't afford to take chances on the right enterprise mobility solution.


We can evaluate the key areas of your mobility infrastructure and have them compared to IBM leading practices


We can help you better understand how similar organizations within the same industry are taking advantage of mobile


IBM can identify which gaps in your mobility infrastructure are impacting your business drivers – indicating the highest priority initiatives and largest potential return on investment

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We can give you additional details on the service and arrange for your IBM Mobile Maturity Assessment which takes as little as two weeks and costs around $20,000.