IBM Business in Motion Workshop

The answer to your mobile IT strategy challenge.

Less than 50% of organizations have an enterprise-wide strategy for mobile and many IT leaders are struggling to get a handle on mobile initiatives throughout the enterprise due to shadow IT initiatives. If you are an IT leader facing similar issues, or just need help improving your current IT strategy for mobile, the IBM Business in Motion Workshop might be your answer.

The Business in Motion Workshop is a no-charge, half day consultation from IBM offered to qualified mid-sized to large organizations. It provides a quick way to take action to improve your IT strategy for mobile.

IBM mobility experts work with your company to produce three deliverables at no charge:

  • Business drivers model: An objective model depicting the primary business drivers that your mobile infrastructure supports, or should be supporting
  • Current state assessment: An assessment of the technological and operational capabilities and inefficiencies that support or hinder business drivers
  • Road map: A list of actionable next steps for beginning your transition to a desired mobile state that aligns mobility with overall business goals

Get started today to get your business in motion – complete the registration form or call us to find out if the Business in Motion Workshop can help your organization.

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