Data Security Services - enterprise data loss prevention solution

Integrating data protection to help better manage compliance and prevent data loss

Managing the security of business-critical information is essential to your company’s success. A breach of sensitive or confidential data can result in financial losses, compliance failures and damage to your reputation and competitive advantage.

IBM Data Security Services – enterprise data loss prevention solution, leveraging Symantec’s data loss prevention technology, is designed to help your company better identify sensitive data, monitor and control its usage and protect your assets without impeding business productivity and expansion.



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Service details

Effective sharing of business data is critical to any successful enterprise. However, greater data accessibility also increases the risks associated with data loss or misuse. Loss of confidential business information can result in significant financial and competitive losses and may lead to loss of customer trust. While most organizations invest in technologies that protect systems from key threats like viruses and other malware, you also need to protect your data against insider threats, loss of mobile devices and potential transfer through email, blogs or social networking sites.

The IBM Data Security Services – enterprise data loss prevention solution is a comprehensive, integrated data protection solution that is designed to bring together leading storage, endpoint, and network data loss prevention technology to help enterprise clients better manage their data. This can enable companies to more easily discover and classify sensitive data, monitor data usage and control and block high-risk activities. Leveraging the Symantec data loss prevention (DLP) suite, our solution can help your organization detect and reduce the risks associated with sharing sensitive data without adversely impacting collaboration and business innovation.

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