Data replication with IBM Softek Replicator

Recover data quicker with volume-level replication-locally or remotely

Data replication is a requirement when planning for potential outages or disasters. Can you recover data anywhere in your IT environment? Do you have replication capabilities and processes to help overcome backup window challenges?

IBM Data Mobility Services features Softek Replicator software for local or remote data replication to help ensure data protection and application availability across your heterogeneous enterprise environment.



Service detail

Service details

Losing data due to an outage or disaster can significantly impact your business. When your data is not available, applications are not available. Recovery is complicated when data resides in various storage or server platforms. You want to minimize the complexity and cost of data protection across your local and remote sites while minimizing downtime during backup windows to meet around-the-clock application availability requirements. And you need a data recovery solution that supports your physical and virtual configurations.

IBM Data Mobility Services features IBM Softek Replicator software for efficient, reliable data replication to help ensure usable data recovery. Our replication capabilities support your disaster recovery goals and also help reduce the downtime normally experienced during backup windows. Centralized backup for local and remote sites includes advanced volume-level replication for faster data recovery across your enterprise. You can stretch your data protection budget with a single solution that can support multiple storage and server vendor UNIX®, Windows®, Linux® platforms, and virtualized environments.

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