Optimize and standardize

Data Center Services

Determine which services and workloads are the most valuable in your data center

Which services in your data center are business critical, and which are not?  Optimizing and standardizing  services in your IT environment are key to creating a strategic data center.

IBM’s fit-for-purpose and business criticality assessments are designed to analyze your workloads and determine which services to keep and which to leave behind. By mapping workloads to their most valuable platform and segmenting them into service tiers—you can reduce cost, risk and management complexity. For the services that remain, creating standard policies help lay the groundwork for automation—and ultimately, technologies like cloud computing, social, mobile and analytics.

Optimize services
Determine which services to keep and which to retire

Establish standard policies

Establish procedures to perform repetitive tasks consistently and reliably

Prepare for automation

Build the foundation for automation and cloud computing—which can help your organization support social, mobile and analytics capabilities


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