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Lower data center costs leveraging
advanced fiber cabling technology

IBM's Site and Facilities Services help you design and build data centers. We can help lower your IT operational costs by optimizing advanced fiber cabling technology for increased efficiency. Our services can help you migrate to FICON so you can leverage the latest IBM System z technologies. We also streamline under-floor cabling to reduce heat buildup.

Advanced fiber cabling and cabling services are crucial to data centers. IBM understands this, operating over 400 data centers worldwide. IBM Facilities Cabling Services provides a migration strategy to move from ESCON to FICON to optimize a System z acquisition and improve the availability and performance of IT facilities. We offer turnkey services that provide comprehensive planning, consultation, installation and integration of fiber optic cabling infrastructure. Our fiber transport system helps eliminate the jumble of under-floor cabling that generates excessive heat and cripples servers.

IBM has identified single mode fiber infrastructures with Passive Optical LAN (POL)/Fiber to the Desktop as a proven solution to support multiple services (e.g., voice, video, and data) at gigabit speeds over single mode fiber cabling that harness the technological superiority of fiber. IBM is uniquely positioned via our industry leading expertise and partnerships to equip our clients with the solution design and implementation services to reap the technical, fiscal, and future benefits of the POL/Fiber to the Desktop solution. Watch the Passive Optical Network – A Smarter Network video for more information.

What We Offer

ESCON to FICON migration services

Ease your FICON migration and leverage advanced IBM System z technology

Facilities cabling services - fiber transport system

Help lower the operating cost of your data center, support the highest level of availability for your IT infrastructure and reduce clogs of unstructured cabling under floor tiles with IBM's turnkey cabling service

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A smarter network versus a traditional LAN

Smarter network solutions that leverage the "fiber to the desktop" technology to help you reduce both capital and operational expenditures while helping improve the reliability and availability of your LAN infrastructure.