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intricate line drawingIT discovery, an integral part of data center management, is required for companies looking to improve their IT environment through data center consolidation, relocation and migration, IT resiliency optimization or other major transformation initiatives.

However due to cost and complexity, not only does this take far too long, but current data center management and discovery tools and techniques generally result in an incomplete assessment of the IT server environment.

IBM Integrated Technology Services and IBM Research have developed an easy-to-deploy data center management and discovery tool called Analytics for Logical Dependency Mapping (ALDM). ALDM provides a quick method to collect server configuration and dependency information and performance profiles. ALDM is a simple script-based data center management and discovery tool which requires no system credentials be given to IBM and does not deploy agents or probes in the client infrastructure.

What do you get with ALDM?

IBM specialists process the script and produce the outputs and analysis including:

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