IT Facilities Consolidation and Relocation Services - data center consolidation and relocation

Implement cost-effective application, data, IT and infrastructure equipment migrations and avoid unplanned outages

Are you expecting to expand or reduce the number of data centers in your enterprise requiring a migration of applications and IT equipment? Is the availability of your applications a major concern? IBM IT Facilities Consolidation and Relocation Services - data center consolidation and relocation can help you successfully migrate your applications, data, IT and infrastructure equipment to meet your unique application availability requirements while maintaining specific product warranty certifications.



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Service details

Smart ways to save money

Cut data center operating costs by up to 50 percent by consolidating your facilities to reduce the number of data centers in your enterprise and relocating cost-effectively with reduced downtime.

Help ensure a seamless, low-risk migration for end users

If you've made the decision to migrate a data center, you realize that a move is more complex than simply physically relocating a few servers from one location to the next. You have to think about the risks to the availability of data and applications during the move. Depending on the industry, the revenue cost of a single application outage could run from the hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars—per hour. You have to be confident that your migration strategy can anticipate and avoid these crippling unplanned outages.

And your customers have decreasing tolerance for downtime in accessing their essential applications, even for planned events such as migrations. Acceptable application outage windows—the amount of time and frequency an application may be unavailable—are getting shorter and shorter. Long outages to migrate data center equipment are simply not an option.

Leverage IBM research innovation to identify critical dependencies

Our experience has shown that client inventories are generally 70 - 90 percent accurate based on performing manual interviews, but to plan a major relocation requires a more accurate inventory. Performing manual inventories is time consuming and expensive, and the information obtained has a limited useful life. To combat these challenges, IBM uses a discovery tool to improve the equipment and application discovery process to help ensure a seamless relocation with reduced risk.

Working with IBM Research, we created the analytics for a logical dependency mapping tool (ALDM), which applies advanced mathematical modeling to map application and server dependencies. This can help us to identify up to 100 percent of the server, storage and application assets which need to be moved.

IBM IT Facilities Consolidation and Relocation Services – center consolidation and relocation leverages IBM's extensive experience and proven methodology to help you migrate applications, data, IT and infrastructure equipment within data centers or from one data center to another to reduce risk and provide a seamless move to end users. This allows you to reduce the project risk through managing complexity, maintain project cost and schedule while meeting your application availability needs.

What we offer

IT infrastructure discovery (ALDM)

Simple but highly effective data center management and discovery tool.

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