Facilities Cabling Services - fiber transport system

Help lower the operating cost of your data center, support the highest level of availability for your IT infrastructure and reduce clogs of unstructured cabling under floor tiles with IBM's turnkey cabling service

Service detail

Service details

Cabling is key to data center availability and manageability. Or it can be a tangled jumble that causes inefficiency, excessive heat and unnecessary expense in the IT environment.

Now IBM can help make your cabling more effective. Our turnkey service provides comprehensive planning as well as onsite consultation, installation and integration of fiber optic cabling infrastructure to help reduce data center costs while supporting optimal system availability for your enterprise data center, storage area network or server farm.

IBM Facilities Cabling Service - fiber transport system can streamline unmanageable clogs of under-floor cabling that contribute to excessive heat buildup. Moves, adds and changes can be more reliable, faster and less disruptive because IBM-tested, -qualified and -branded cabling systems are prefitted with connectors at the manufacturing stage. Direct-attach trunking eliminates long jumper cables, reducing under-floor congestion and enabling better airflow.

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"We believed that we would achieve near 100 percent uptime with the final implementation of GDPS, which we wanted for our performance as well as for regulatory compliance." - Guido Gatti, Equens SpA’s General Manager of Operations