ESCON to FICON migration services

Ease your FICON migration and leverage advanced IBM System z technology

Migrating from ESCON® to FICON® is needed to leverage the more advanced IBM System z® technologies your business demands. But how can you cost-effectively migrate to FICON and also avoid losing your investment in ESCON-connected resources?

IBM Facilities Cabling Services - ESCON to FICON migration services helps take advantage of high-speed FICON to support your upgraded IBM System z environment. And we also help you keep using your ESCON-attached devices to reduce migration costs.



Service detail

Service details

High-speed FICON and advanced IBM System z technology provide the power your business demands. Aging technologies, like ESCON, are becoming more costly to maintain, with support becoming more and more limited. You have no choice but to migrate from ESCON to FICON, but you face a significant cost to transition your entire environment and need a more affordable migration strategy. And since your mainframe environment typically supports your most critical workloads, you also need the skills and resources to perform this migration.

IBM Facilities Cabling Services - ESCON to FICON migration provides end-to-end project management, technology and migration services to ease your transition. We help you deploy FICON to optimize your System z acquisition and improve the availability, reliability and performance of your new environment. And, using expertise to leverage Optica's PRIZM™ converter technology, we also support the flexible migration of ESCON devices to match your expected lifecycle and investment priorities.

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