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Because demands for IT capacity are unrelenting and often unpredictable, it is difficult to design an optimum data center to meet future needs. Moving from large, monolithic designs to modular data center designs can help deliver significant benefits to fuel business growth while adapting to change. It can also provide the flexibility to match short-term capacity requirements with long-term growth, and it can do that in a cost-effective manner. IBM IT Facilities Assessment, Design and Construction Services can help you create flexible, cost-effective data centers as well as enterprise command-center facilities and enable you to respond to change more efficiently.

What we offer

Data center - Planning, design and construction services

Provides skills to manage and coordinate changes to your information processing environments.

Scalable modular data center

Build and rapidly deploy scalable modular data centers at reduced cost

Enterprise modular data center

Design more efficient, enterprise-size data centers with a proven, reliable and adaptable methodology

Portable modular data center

Delivers rapid deployment of a complete modular data center to support your unique business objectives

High density zone

Enables you to quickly deploy high density equipment in existing data centers in less time and at lower cost than traditional data center retrofits.

Thermal analysis for high-density computing

Provides data-center analysis, design and construction consultation and services to help optimize facility heating and cooling, and server performance.

Enterprise command center health check workshop

Optimize your command center to help improve savings and performance

Data center assessment and planning

Data center assessment and planning

Define your data center requirements and operational criteria.

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Getting started: IBM’s approach to modular data center design is not about containerization but about using smaller increments of standardized components, making it possible to add data center capacity when needed and thus helping more closely align IT with business requirements.

Evaluating solutions: Modular data centers allow you to pay as you grow—whether you are a medium-sized or large enterprise.

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See what others have done: IBM helped build the largest data center in India at Tulip Telecom. It is also one of the greenest, most energy-efficient data centers in the world.