Data center assessment and planning

Build and manage a more efficient data center that responds to
change and drives innovation

Building or renovating a data center isn’t cheap. Evolving technological forces including cloud, big data and mobile computing require tactical considerations beyond those of traditional IT-centric strategies. To avoid unnecessary implementation and operating costs, the key is to build for agility, plan for efficiency, manage for data security and keep the data center customer centric.

Data center assessment and planning services from IBM uses analytics tools to help you create a road map for a more efficient design and implementation based on your business growth and current IT strategy.

Data center assessment and planning features

Gain the support you need to right-size the capacity, resiliency and efficiency of the data center you plan to build or renovate. The data center assessment and planning service helps you:

  • Identify requirements

    Determine your new data center’s business purpose, function and capabilities to gain the optimal approach

  • Reduce risks

    Enhance communication with stakeholders through a feature-rich business case and strategy road map

  • Correlate design and costs

    Align your data center design tenets and capital and operating costs with business needs

  • Forecast capacity and resiliency

    IBM specialists use analytics tools designed to provide objectivity and insights

  • Improve efficiency

    IBM can provide a custom data center design based on time-tested technologies and techniques

  • Justify the expense

    Using financial modeling tools, we help you set budgets to support an optimized investment decision

Why IBM?

IBM has built more than 30 million square feet of raised-floor data center facilities worldwide. Our strong relationships with local providers help us successfully provide design and build services for data centers of any size, anywhere. And unlike most data center solution providers, IBM has deep technology insights into the infrastructure support needs of your IT equipment.

IBM also provides domain expertise in decision making across practically all parts of the data center optimization process. We focus on the four key qualities of a data center transformation: building for agility, planning for efficiency, managing for data security and keeping the data center customer centric.

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