Data center assessment and planning

Define your data center requirements and operational criteria.

Building a new data center is a significant investment. To avoid unnecessary implementation and operating costs, you need to define the business purpose, function and capabilities of your data center and determine the optimal design approach.

Data center assessment and planning from IBM is designed to provide the consulting support and analytical tools you require to help design a data center that can meet the business and technical needs of your organization.



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Service details

A data center represents a significant investment for any organization, whether large or small. Hence, it is essential to develop a business case to justify capital and operational expenses. Defining the performance and design requirements of the data center can help avoid high implementation and operating costs, thereby supporting an optimized investment decision for your business. However, without the necessary tools and analytical expertise, it may be difficult to make the trade-off decisions for planning the data center design and to realize the full value of your investment.

Data center assessment and planning services from IBM can help you create a road map for a more efficient data center design and implementation. Using analytics tools, we help you identify site constraints and determine power and space needs based on business growth and current IT strategy. With financial modeling capabilities, we can help you establish budgets to trade off capital and operating costs and also recommend an optimal design for your data center. Our solution is designed to help you right-size the capacity, resiliency and efficiency of the data center you plan to implement.

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