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Define a robust plan to help rationalize your data center portfolio

Building a data center is a significant investment, and IBM offers strategy services to help you define a robust data center plan. Developing a comprehensive data center strategy requires analytical tools that leverage extensive research from interdisciplinary teams with deep skills and knowledge ranging from data mining and analytics to outage mitigation. Working with IBM Research, we have infused innovative mathematical modeling into our tools to help bring the future into the present so you can take action today.

What we offer


Data center energy efficiency assessment

Get a comprehensive energy analysis that prioritizes tactical plans across your data center to help improve efficiency and reduce costs


Data center services

Data center services allows you to redirect your focus on core business objectives.


Data center strategy

Multi-site strategy services in support of the number, location and resiliency of your data centers


Data center strategy and planning services

Optimize your data center assets with a comprehensive strategy and plan

High-density computing data center readiness assessment

Can analyze a data center facility's capacity to support high density technology and inform a client's next steps for ensuring adequate power supply and cooling capabilities

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