Smarter Data Center Services

Build and manage highly efficient data centers that respond to change and
drive innovation

The Smarter Data Center

Data centers have a bad reputation lately. Administrators often complain they are expensive to maintain, consume too much energy and run inefficiently. They've been viewed as a burdensome utility or worse: a barrier to growth.

But what if your data center could be a high-performing strategic asset? What if you could allocate more of your IT budget to innovative new projects? According to the 2012 IBM Global Data Center Efficiency Study, enterprises with highly efficient data centers allocate 53 percent more of their IT budgets to new projects because they are able to minimize maintenance costs. As one of the world's largest builders and managers of data centers, IBM can help you realize this goal by creating optimized, flexible data centers that are aligned with your business imperatives. By planning, designing and automating key functions of your data centers, we build efficient, effective computing hubs that serve as a platform for agility and innovation. With IBM's Data Center Services, you can identify areas to improve operational efficiency across your infrastructure.

Services we offer:

Data center site and facilities services

Plan, design and build flexible, cost-effective data centers and facilities

Private and hybrid cloud services

Get a fully automated private cloud deployed in less than a day, not weeks

Infrastructure management services

Increase performance and availability while lowering risk

Data center outsourcing

Gain greater agility and responsiveness while lowering your IT infrastructure costs

Server optimization services

Build, optimize and manage a flexible server infrastructure with our server services

Storage optimization services

Your first step to an efficient information infrastructure

Middleware services

Optimize your middleware investments for greater efficiency and value

Networking services

Design, implement and manage integrated communications and networking environments

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