Managed Video Communication Services for Cisco TelePresence

Support reduced travel costs and improved productivity, collaboration and time to market

Managing business operations across geographies increases the need for business travel. You need a technology that can help you improve collaboration and productivity while reducing travel expenses, carbon footprint and large up-front investments.

IBM can design, implement, operate and maintain an integrated telepresence solution to help you improve collaboration, efficiency, productivity and business agility while reducing the need for business travel.



Service detail

Service details

Real-time, immersive video communication helps businesses bridge the barriers of geography, culture and location and enable more effective communication and collaboration. However, video solutions can be complex to implement and maintain, often requiring specialized skills that may not be available in house. Bringing together several disciplines in video technology—networking, telecommunications and solution integration—is challenging to coordinate. And, many managed service providers cannot offer the flexibility, features or geographic coverage that you need. Further, some of their solutions may require a large up-front capital investment that can be difficult to justify when the benefits of the solution are realized over a number of months.

IBM Managed Video Communication Services for Cisco TelePresence can provide a high-definition, point-to-point or multipoint video communications solution that combines innovative video, audio and interactive elements to deliver a near-real-time, life-like environment. Our solution is based on Cisco TelePresence technology and can be integrated with enterprise calendaring for simplified scheduling through a user-friendly portal or concierge service. Launching a meeting is as easy as pushing a button. Leveraging our partnership with Cisco and Tata Communications, we can provide a fully integrated solution, from assessment through design, network assessments, upgrades and telepresence implementation, to managed operation, support and maintenance of the telepresence system. Flexible solution deployment options enable us to meet your business requirements while better aligning your costs and reducing the strain of a large up-front capital investment.

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