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Real-time collaboration helps you boost productivity and support business growth

IBM Converged Communications Services - real-time collaboration lets you take advantage of IBM's proven ability to design and deploy an integrated solution that can improve the way employees communicate and collaborate across the enterprise, which boosts productivity and supports business growth.


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In today's hypercompetitive global economy, the speed of business has increased dramatically - and it's often the quickest companies that win. Whether they're striving for a greater share of the marketplace, stronger customer loyalty or the next big idea, there is one thing that all organizations need to succeed: real-time collaboration.

Presence and location information, instant messaging, Web conferencing, discussion forums, desktop sharing, IP telephony using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and other real-time collaboration technologies can quicken the pulse of an organization - and potentially enable heightened productivity, faster response to customers, greater agility in capturing business opportunities and a more innovative, competitive approach. If adopted in a piecemeal fashion, however, these collaboration tools can drive up costs, threaten the security of business-critical information and even make it more difficult for employees to work productively. Only when you integrate these functions with a converged-communications-ready network can you start to maximize the benefits of real-time collaboration.

And that's how IBM can help. IBM Converged Communication Services - real-time collaboration can design and deploy a system that combines presence, data, voice and video communications to enable anytime, anywhere collaboration. By deploying an integrated, converged-communications-ready network, IBM can help you take advantage of synchronous communications capabilities such as:

The real-time collaboration for Lotus Sametime solution helps speed time to value. The business benefits provided by IBM Lotus® Sametime® software are so valuable that we have created a new service offering to help you accelerate its implementation - either as an upgrade to your existing collaboration platform or as a first-time implementation of a large-scale collaboration platform.

IBM Converged Communications Services - real-time collaboration for Lotus Sametime is a preintegrated suite of base implementation services designed to accelerate deployment of the IBM Lotus Sametime platform.

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