Private cloud implementation services for System Z

Enable a faster, more efficient deployment of a Linux-based cloud on z/VM

A private cloud on your IBM System z® platform can help address the challenges of cost and complexity and accelerate time to market for new services. However, building and deploying a cloud solution can require certain skills and experience.

  • Supports a more flexible cloud designed to reduce costs, cycle times, complexity and risks
  • Helps realize the benefits of cloud by more quickly deploying a Linux-based private cloud on z/VM®
  • Provides IBM cloud and server specialists to help plan for, set up and deploy a private cloud

Service details

To better respond to increasing competition in the marketplace, you need to identify innovative ways to quickly deliver products and services on a global scale. You need a flexible cloud infrastructure that can capture new business value through innovation and speed while reducing operational costs and complexity. A Linux-based private cloud environment on IBM z/VM can provide a more agile service delivery model that is designed to cater to changing business needs. However, developing and deploying a comprehensive cloud platform on an IBM System z® platform may require extensive hardware and software implementation skills that you may not have in house.

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