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Companies are choosing IBM cloud services to deliver a responsive IT and to innovate the way people work. At IBM we deliver a cloud for business and our cloud services cover all domains and delivery models to help you unleash innovation.

Global footprint

Streamline processes and services; improve efficiency and effectiveness

End-to-end security

Proven processes to keep your infrastructure up and running and out of harm’s way

Reduce risk

Secure and resilient model that mitigates operational exposures and protects data

operational efficiency

Streamline processes and services, improve efficiency and effectiveness

Customize to fit your needs

Provision the right level of computing resources and dynamically adjust capacity levels as your needs change


Pricing model with less need for up-front capital investments

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What we offer

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

  • IBM Cloud Managed Services
    Fully managed, security rich production ready cloud environment for enterprise applications
  • SoftLayer
    Products and services include bare metal and virtual servers, networking, turnkey big data solutions, and private cloud solutions
  • IBM Cloud Automated Modular Management
    Optimize your SoftLayer environment with integrated, automated management tools

Cloud Strategy

Private Cloud Services

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Cloud Security Services

Cloud Disaster Recovery Services

Managed Services

Additional Services

Understand the issues

The Truth about Cloud Price-Performance

In this eye-opening paper, Frost and Sullivan takes an in-depth look at the true cost of cloud computing by looking at specific workloads and comparing not just initial costs but overall costs and performance you get from vendors like IBM, Amazon and Microsoft.

Best Practice Security in a Cloud-Enabled World

This report explores that security in a fast-paced technology-infused world cries for an “invest once and deploy everywhere” approach. For this to be realized, security must be planned in advance and built-in, yet still be fluidly adaptable to circumstances, and singularly controllable.

How Your Organization Can Future-Proof Your Cloud Investment through a Holistic Approach

This report explores that an enterprises’ transition to a Cloud 2.0 model may be a long and complex journey as they struggle to streamline integration. Adapting a holistic approach to enterprise IT strategy working with a single end-to-end solution provider can help shorten the journey.

The New Hybrid Cloud: Aligning IT and Lines of Business with Dynamic Hybrid Environments

This report examines the evolution of hybrid clouds, and how the latest generation of hybrid cloud solutions enables seamless environment integration and management sharing how hybrid cloud solutions can bring IT and lines of business together with a single solution.

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