Data center network
security for cloud

Implement a network security
infrastructure to support your critical
systems and data

The future looks bright: you’ve adopted cloud and are experiencing all the benefits that come along with it. But security threats and vulnerabilities are lurking just around the corner. Is your network ready?

IBM provides data center network security for cloud computing to help you create and implement a network security infrastructure designed to better secure your critical business systems and data.We help you plan and deploy intrusion and anomaly detection, encryption, remediation and management so that only authorized users and devices can access your critical resources.

Data center network security for cloud computing features

We bring deep knowledge and years of expertise as a security thought leader to the table. With IBM’s solutions, you can prepare a more effective response to potential threats to your network in a cloud environment. Our solution helps:

Why IBM?

IBM can provide skilled professionals in network security and cloud computing environments. We can offer extensive, real-world experience building new data centers, updating existing facilities and designing and deploying networks in a variety ofIT environments including cloud. Our delivery methodology is designed to streamline design and implementation and help reduce the time and resources needed to deploy a successful network security solution.

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2014 Cost of Data Breach Study

The Ponemon Cost of Data Breach Study offers detailed trending information on the cost of a data breach based on study participants’ actual experiences.

Networking for cloud computing

Since networks play an essential role in utilizing and connecting IT resources in a cloud environment, its role in that environment should be addressed in the early stages of cloud planning

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