Application and network optimization for cloud computing performance

Enable application performance over the network for cloud computing

To support cloud computing, you need scalable application performance over the network. You need a networking infrastructure that can prioritize traffic, optimize connections within and between data centers and change configurations automatically.IBM Network Integration Services for data center networks - application and network performance optimization for cloud computing can help you deliver applications with the levels of scalability and performance required for cloud computing.

  • Helps achieve the application performance required for cloud computing
  • Applies data center and networking skills and experience to planning and implementing application delivery solutions for cloud computing environments
  • Helps mitigate the risks associated with complex infrastructure upgrades

Service details

Emerging IT service delivery models like cloud computing offer advantages such as flexibility and cost effectiveness. As you introduce virtual machine mobility, advanced automated provisioning and other capabilities in support of cloud computing, you need to deliver scalable and high-performing applications. This means a physical and virtualized infrastructure that prioritizes traffic, optimizes connections within and between data centers, and can automatically change configurations - without adversely impacting security, overall resiliency or IT management.

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