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IBM Global Process Services offers a range of solutions for industry-specific processes. Whether your enterprise is a bank that needs to get better at managing risk, a retailer looking to improve cash flow issues, or a telecom provider trying to standardize procurement processes, IBM Global Process Services has the relevant expertise and experience to optimise the business processes that directly impact your bottom line. Learn more about what we're doing in your industry.

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Financial Services

Become more customer-centric, reduce complexity and manage risk


Travel and Transportation

Gain industry competitiveness and business profitability based on operational maturity and improved productivity

image juxtaposition of medical staff reading X-Rays and microscopic elements

Life Sciences and Healthcare

Realize operational synergies and accelerate the stream of value from operational efficiencies

image juxtaposition of hands operating a smartphone and telecom ports


Transform operations and deliver superior customer experience

Provide innovative services faster while driving new revenue.


Dynamic value chains that deliver innovative products and services

Retail and Consumer Products

Deliver cost savings, improve working capital and accelerate inflow of cash

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