Business impact analysis (BIA)

Helping you understand your availability and recovery requirements

Do you need help understanding which of your business processes and dependent resources are most critical to your business? Do you have a reliable risk mitigation strategy to keep your critical business processes operational during outages?

The business impact analysis solution from IBM helps determine critical business processes based on their impact during a disruption. Our recommendations help you define resilience requirements, justify business continuity investments and select a robust risk mitigation strategy.



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In a constantly changing-and increasingly complex-business and IT environment, unplanned disruptions can be costly, resulting in financial losses, customer dissatisfaction and regulatory compliance issues. To counter these risks, you need to develop an effective, end-to-end business resilience plan and justify investments in business continuity and recovery solutions. A thorough understanding of your critical business processes and the tolerance of you business to an outage of these processes is crucial in helping you achieve these objectives.

IBM Resiliency Consulting Services business impact analysis is designed to help you understand and define your availability and recovery requirements and objectives from a business perspective. We help you determine and prioritize your critical business processes, applications and data by calculating the impact-financial and intangible-to the business during a disruption. This information can serve as a foundation to help you accurately define your resilience requirements, including your recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO), rationalize continued investments in business resilience solutions and select a robust risk mitigation strategy.

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