IBM SmartCloud Data Virtualization

Enhance virtualized data management by enabling backup, recovery and improved access

As the volume and types of data skyrocket, many organizations are moving to virtualized data to keep costs down. To avoid downtime and regulatory complications, organizations must be able to back data up, recover it and return it to operations quickly. But with tight budgets and scarce resources, there’s no room for added costs or complexity.

IBM® SmartCloud® Data Virtualization enhances data protection within a managed services environment by providing virtually instant recovery of critical data without generating multiple copies. One copy can be used for backup, server replication, application recovery, test or development use cases. With SmartCloud Data Virtualization, you can better protect your data, while also cutting costs, reclaiming storage capacity and improving utilization.

SmartCloud Data Virtualization

To ensure that your most critical data stays safe and accessible in the most efficient way possible, you need a trusted partner. IBM’s technology and expertise make us a leader in business continuity and resilience. With IBM SmartCloud Data Virtualization, you can benefit from:

  • Reduced total cost of ownership

    Unlike traditional services, we can practically eliminate the need for multiple copies to help reclaim production storage capacity and reduce data center utilization.

  • More efficient regulatory management

    We help ease management of industry regulation requirements through backup and restore analytics and reporting.

  • More flexible solutions

    IBM offers a range of onsite, offsite and hybrid information protection solutions based on our scalable, on-demand services architecture and the ability to deliver on a global basis. Our solutions are designed to protect your most critical business data, wherever it lives.

  • Tested leadership

    IBM has nearly a decade of experience delivering some of the industry’s most comprehensive and innovative cloud-based data protection services.

  • Faster recovery time

    Our service enables multiple retention points and prioritized application recovery to help improve recovery of critical data from hours to minutes.

  • Enhanced ease of use

    Our SmartCloud Data Virtualization portal provides self service to support faster and more efficient changes to the backup environment.

  • More predictable costs

    We provide a pay-as-you-use investment model and backup as a service, which can scale to meet your needs and helps reduce the amount of IT resources required to support the services.

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Why IBM?

With more than 40 years of experience, IBM Business Continuity and Resiliency Services is an industry-leading provider of business resiliency and information protection services. We employ approximately 1,800 business continuity specialists. IBM combines best-of-breed tools and the ability to deliver on a global basis to provide an expanded portfolio of virtualized data services. What’s more, IBM offers other resilience cloud services, including managed backup, and virtualized server recovery services to help meet the data management requirements of your enterprise.

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