Resilience program management

Design and implement a robust, integrated resilience program

Businesses today must be able to rapidly adapt and respond to both risks and opportunities to compete effectively. In order to do so, companies need a resilience program that aligns to business objectives and is integrated across operations and IT. Finding the skills and resources to implement and manage such a resilience program, however, can be daunting.

With IBM resilience program management services, skilled professionals help you design, implement, and manage a more robust, adaptable, and measurable resilience program to meet your business requirements for continuity, availability, security, crisis management, recovery, and compliance management.

Resilience program management features

Achieving a high level of business resilience is no small feat. IBM’s resilience program management service offers consultants with deep expertise and tested methods who get you on the path to integrated resilience, and dedicated program managers make sure you continue to meet your business continuity management requirements. You get:

  • An integrated program

    Combine continuity, security, crisis management, and recovery strategies into one feature-rich plan

  • Measurable results

    IBM program managers offer program oversight and accountability, measuring financial, strategic, and tactical results

  • Customized, flexible support

    Keep your resilience plans current with emerging opportunities, regulatory demands, and potential disruptions

  • Cost-effective management

    Our dedicated program managers take over to allow your resources to focus on core business objectives

  • Centralized governance structure

    Maintain an integrated, current plan with input from regular exercises and reviews

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Why IBM?

IBM has more than 50 years of business continuity and disaster recovery experience. We employ approximately 1,800 experienced professionals who are highly ranked by Forrester Research and have solved complex business continuity problems for clients around the world. In addition, our framework for resilience offers a time-tested, value-added approach to help you understand your current resilience capabilities, identify gaps, and strategize for the future.

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