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Help improve data center efficiency with advanced cabling technology

Tangled jumbles of cabling aren’t just an eyesore in your data center. They’re often the source of inefficiency, excessive heat and unnecessary expense. Migrations to advanced network cabling can be just as messy, causing significant disruptions and costs.
If you want to make your cabling more effective and your migrations less disruptive, IBM can help. We provide robust turnkey network cabling services to help you untangle your data center from inefficient under-floor cabling and slow, unreliable migrations.


IBM Facilities Cabling Services can help you

How it works

IBM Facilities Cabling Services provide scalable, flexible solutions for efficiency and reduced cost for cabling infrastructures:

We deliver solutions in close cooperation with the world's largest cabling suppliers. The range of services includes solutions such as fiber transport system and optimized airflow assessment for cabling, which offers clients the ability to have their data center cabling checked in order to prevent possible problems and increased energy costs due to non-optimized airflow caused by the installed cabling. Beyond the data center, IBM Facilities Cabling Service offers total enterprise, premise and campus cabling infrastructure solutions.

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