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From technical failures to natural disasters and routine maintenance, planned and unplanned email outages are inevitable. And when they happen, the difference between business-as-usual and serious damage to your organization’s productivity, profitability, and reputation can come down to your ability to keep the lines of communication open and retain historical emails for legal discovery and regulatory compliance. IBM Resiliency Cloud Email Management Express offers a range of integrated services to help you protect, archive, and access your organization’s email in the event of a disruption or legal discovery requirement. Built on a managed services platform that combines the virtually maintenance-free benefits of on-demand services with the integration capabilities of on-premise software, IBM Resiliency Cloud Email Management Express can provide your organization with better protection, faster deployment, reduced costs, and less maintenance.


IBM Resiliency Cloud Email Management Express ensures you have access to your email communications, no matter the circumstances. Backed by IBM’s trusted tools, technologies, and expertise, IBM Resiliency Cloud Email Management Express is a cost-effective way to help your organization maintain business continuity and compliance. With Resiliency Cloud Content Management you get:

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