Cloud email management

Protect critical email communications and maintain compliance

From technical failures to natural disasters and routine maintenance, planned and unplanned email outages are inevitable. And when they happen, the difference between business-as-usual and serious damage to your organization’s productivity, profitability, and reputation can come down to your ability to keep the lines of communication open and retain historical emails for legal discovery and regulatory compliance.

IBM BCRS Cloud Email Management Express offers a range of integrated services to help you protect, archive, and access your organization’s email in the event of a disruption or legal discovery requirement. Built on a managed services platform that combines the virtually maintenance-free benefits of on-demand services with the integration capabilities of on-premise software, IBM BCRS Cloud Email Management Express can provide your organization with better protection, faster deployment, reduced costs, and less maintenance.

IBM BCRS Cloud Email Management Express features

IBM BCRS Cloud Email Management Express ensures you have access to your email communications, no matter the circumstances. Backed by IBM’s trusted tools, technologies, and expertise, IBM BCRS Cloud Email Management Express is a cost-effective way to help your organization maintain business continuity and compliance. With BCRS Cloud Content Management you get:

  • Continuous access to email

    IBM BCRS Cloud Email Management Express helps ensure continuous, reliable access to email during planned and unplanned outages

  • Emergency or crisis notification

    Our service enables notification and allows you to share and collect information during crises or emergencies

  • Simplified archiving

    We help ease the burden of storage management, legal discovery, and compliance requirements through an advanced, easy-to-maintain email archiving solution

  • Mobile continuity

    Optional services help ensure mobile devices continue to send and receive email, with full access to contacts and calendars

  • Enhanced data protection

    Unlike traditional backup methods, our email recovery service can help you nearly eliminate data loss by enabling the recovery of messages sent and received since the last good backup

  • Software and systems support

    IBM BCRS Cloud Email Management Express supports Microsoft® Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes® software and runs on a variety of operating systems, in a wide range of IT environments

  • Reduced data stores

    Our robust discovery tools and sophisticated storage techniques optimize your storage management, enabling you to quickly retrieve information, while potentially reducing primary data stores by up to 80 percent

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Why IBM?

IBM is an industry-leading provider of business resiliency solutions. We have more than 50 years of experience with business resilience and information protection and employ approximately 1,800 experienced business continuity professionals. IBM combines best-of-breed tools and techniques to provide an expanded portfolio of integrated email continuity and recovery, archiving, and business outage and disaster notification services. What’s more, IBM offers other resilience cloud services, including managed backup, and virtualized server recovery services to help meet the information management requirements of your enterprise.

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