Business Impact Analysis

Pinpoint the critical business processes and recovery time
requirements you need to survive a major disruption

IBM Business Impact Analysis is an in-depth study that defines your critical business processes and the resources needed to support them. We help you identify the processes and assets that require the highest levels of protection and set recovery time requirements so you can better prioritize your recovery strategy and investments.

What it can do for your business

Helps define resilience requirements by determining critical business processes and resources based on impact during a disruption

Provides a solid business case for investments in business continuity and resilience

Delivers recommendations to help you select and implement an effective risk mitigation strategy

Essential Features


Planning Paradise across the IT landscape

IBM Resiliency Services provides critical backup, full redundancy and a remote recovery site for South Korea’s Paradise Group

Master disaster recovery

Learn what leading DR teams do to meet always-on expectations

More interconnected, more at risk

An outage of less than 20 minutes can cost $1M. Are you ready for an always-on world?



Scott Ramsey, Managing Partner, Global Team - IBM Resiliency Consulting

Business Continuity, Energy and Utilities Industry, Entertainment Industry, Financial Services Sector, Governance and Compliance, IT Security, Regulatory Compliance, Strategy and Change

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