Business continuity testing

Test, verify, and strengthen your business resilience plans

It’s not enough to simply develop strategic resilience plans; those plans must be well tested, verified, and trusted. In order to minimize the risks associated with operational interruptions and keep compliant with regulations, companies need business continuity testing to validate plan effectiveness and address any areas of weakness.

IBM resilience plans: validation and testing consulting services provide your organization with skilled experts to evaluate the validity and effectiveness of your existing business continuity, disaster recovery, and crisis management plans. Our consultants observe the execution of your tests, record their findings, and make improvement recommendations to help you create a business continuity strategy you can have confidence in.

Resilience plans: validation and testing features

Validating your business continuity plans is essential to improving resiliency. Our specialists have a thorough understanding of the necessary interactions between IT and business and use time-tested methods to help ensure your organization is ready for unanticipated events. IBM resilience plans: validation and testing consulting services help you:

  • Meet business continuity requirements

    IBM resilience plans: validation and testing verifies that your IT and business recovery strategies, procedures, personnel, and processes meet your business continuity requirements

  • Identify gaps

    We identify plan issues and gaps to address before a disruptive event occurs

  • Maintain testing flexibility

    You can test your system and recovery procedures at your site, off-site with IBM, or with another vendor

  • Test efficiently

    Our skilled consultants help you set test goals, create test plans, and understand testing procedures

  • Establish event plans

    With our services you’ll develop detailed plans of what needs to be done and by whom in case of an event

  • Ensure compliance

    IBM helps you keep your testing procedures up-to-date so you can meet evolving business continuity regulations

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Why IBM?

IBM’s approach to helping clients build resilient businesses is comprehensive, covering strategy and vision, organization and human resources, business processes, applications and data, and technologies and facilities. With more than 50 years of experience delivering comprehensive business continuity solutions to companies in virtually every industry, we have the insight to help clients define a comprehensive resilience strategy.

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