Resiliency Assessment

Improve business continuity and resiliency by identifying and
mitigating your availability risks

IBM Resiliency Assessment helps you identify and evaluate potential risks and disruptions so you can understand their impacts on your current business environment.

Using our custom-developed frameworks, blueprints, and models, our business continuity assessment experts recommend an improvement plan that encompasses crisis management and disaster recovery and is tailored to your needs.

Identify risk

Understand, manage, and address potential threats to business continuity

Improve responsiveness

React to risk events that affect critical business processes more quickly

Optimize investments

Ensure your investments are focused on the right resilience capabilities

Plan for success

Develop a strategic road map for ongoing business continuity optimization

Essential Features

Business impact analysis

Identify the most critical processes and functions for your business and the tangible and intangible impacts of a disruption, including potential cost of downtime. Our experienced consultants help you define your recovery objectives and resource dependencies so you better understand the value of business continuity planning. Our business impact analysis services create a foundation to help you plan your business continuity strategy and identify the best solutions to support it.

Recoverability assessment

Evaluate your IT disaster recovery and business continuity processes and discover how they stack up against your recovery objectives. Identify vulnerabilities preventing you from meeting your organization’s business continuity goals. IBM recoverability assessment services can help identify specific requirements needed to recover from virtually any business disruption and define steps for resuming operations quickly and accurately.

Resilience program assessment

Measure and compare the maturity of your resilience program against best practices and gain recommendations to move your strategy forward. IBM resilience program assessment services is customized to your specific business and industry needs and covers key areas including plans and procedures for business continuity, crisis management, disaster recovery, work area recovery, and IT and business programs.

Risk assessment

Recognize and evaluate natural, physical, and social risks to your business operations. IBM risk assessment services help you pinpoint where your business is most vulnerable, identifying potential impacts and evaluating safeguards. We develop documented, customized recommendations to help you prioritize your assets and build a strong business case for investing in mitigation technologies and techniques.

Availability assessment

Analyze your current strategy, organization, processes, applications, data, technology, and facilities to identify gaps in your business continuity plans. IBM availability assessment services take a methodology-driven approach to help you analyze the root causes of outages, the robustness of your IT availability architecture, and the strength of your supporting availability management processes. We then provide prioritized recommendations based on industry-leading practices.


Planning Paradise across the IT landscape

IBM Resiliency Services provides critical backup, full redundancy and a remote recovery site for South Korea’s Paradise Group

Master disaster recovery

Learn what leading DR teams do to meet always-on expectations

More interconnected, more at risk

An outage of less than 20 minutes can cost $1M. Are you ready for an always-on world?


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