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Drive savings, revenue and growth by optimizing your network to support cloud computing

Is cloud at your the core of your IT strategy? Cloud computing can play a critical role in how you manage data and scale your IT operations and initiatives. But before you jump on the cloud, you need a clear picture of its impact on your network infrastructure.

Networks play an essential role in cloud computing, and networking strategy and optimization services for cloud from IBM helps you identify where your network infrastructure needs to be enhanced. We can assess your network’s readiness to support your plans for cloud computing and deliver a road map to help accelerate and strengthen those strategies.

Networking strategy and optimization services for cloud features

IBM can measure and analyze key network attributes to help you balance functionality and cost. Our blueprint helps you:

Why IBM?

IBM helps you achieve a cloud computing environment designed to support innovation and deliver business value. We apply insights gained from extensive cloud computing research and operating experience, along with a thorough consideration of application data flows and latency sensitivity. Our specialists can identify areas of your network infrastructure that require optimization and create a roadmap for a smoother move to cloud computing. We also enable you to make informed decisions by analyzing application characteristics and delivering a scorecard that prioritizes applications based on their suitability for cloud computing.


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Redefining networks for cloud, analytics, mobile, social and security

Cloud, analytics, mobile, social and security place new demands on enterprise LAN, WLAN and data center networks. IBM can help address these demands.

Networking for cloud computing

Since networks play an essential role in utilizing and connecting IT resources in a cloud environment, its role in that environment should be addressed in the early stages of cloud planning