Network integration services for data center networks - private optical networking

Protect the availability of your most critical business asset-your data

IBM Network Integration Services for data center networks - private optical networking provides comprehensive design and implementation services for network connectivity between data centers to help protect the availability of a critical business asset - your data. IBM provides networking expertise for leading - edge technologies, including Dense Wave Division Multiplexer (DWDM), and can help you integrate emerging optical technologies to meet your rigorous requirements for data center connectivity.


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Protecting the availability of data

Your organization is under increasing pressure to comply with government regulations for data availability and to operate in a business environment with no unplanned downtime or performance degradation. To meet these stringent standards, many organizations are adopting private optical networking as a cost-effective alternative to managed wavelength services from carriers. This approach provides high availability, high performance data center to data center connectivity while enabling significant flexibility to quickly implement changes that could otherwise take days or weeks. To take advantage of this agility and scalability, you need a flexible optical networking infrastructure solution that continues to meet your demands even as your business requirements change.

IBM Network Infrastructure Services for data centers-private optical networking provides an end-to-end server to remote storage and server networking infrastructure solution to support your requirements for redundant data centers. In addition, IBM offers you private optical networking expertise that can help you to develop a leading-edge solution to enable today's solutions while fully exploiting emerging technologies.

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