Network infrastructure managed services

Helps reduce costs and improve network availability

Now more than ever, your network is fundamental to your company’s success. If your network is not running continuously and efficiently, neither is your business.

IBM network infrastructure services can help your network and infrastructure more rapidly adapt to your business demands and emerging technologies. Our end-to-end network integration services include planning, design, deployment and ongoing monitoring and management—to support today’s ever-changing business requirements.

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Is your business faced with increasing network downtime, poor service levels and escalating network infrastructure management costs? Do you lack the advanced tools necessary to identify potential bottlenecks and service degradation?

IBM Network Infrastructure Managed Services can help you enhance your network performance with proactive monitoring and management, as well as around-the-clock support. Learn more (PDF, 735KB)

If your network is not functioning efficiently, neither is your business. But keeping your network running optimally can require specialized staff and costly network infrastructure management tools that can be challenging to maintain in house.

That is where IBM can help. Our Network Infrastructure Managed Services are designed to help you achieve higher performing wired and wireless local area networks—to facilitate both operational and cost efficiencies. Our solution can:

By choosing IBM, you can reduce risks with service delivery from a trusted service provider—as well as stronger service-level agreements.

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